How to Find a Good Glasgow Mechanic

So how do you go about finding a good Glasgow Mechanic and not ending up with a rip off merchant that may not be able to do the job to standard?

Check out the Garage

The first thing you should do is check out the Glasgow mechanic or garage on forums, blogs and alike, google them for reviews, check places like yelp. Find out if they do MOT’s or Car Servicing to gauge their ability to do the work required. A garage that uses Social Media is a good place to look.

Quote Me

As the prices vary from garage to garage, you may be able to get quotes if you know what the fault is. Weigh up parts and labour costs including Vat.

Hidden Costs

Is VAT included and what is the cash price you pay, which by law you should be told but it can get overlooked and makes quite a difference on larger repairs?


You can’t reasonably expect the garage to give you free diagnostic testing, especially if you were planning on taking you vehicle elsewhere to get the work done, but if you plan on using the garage, ask the question – if you don’t ask you won’t get. Be prepared to pay for their time and or labour if you want to take it elsewhere though.


Find out if the job carried out by any Glasgow Mechanic is priced per hour or can they give you a price on the completed job, which is the safer option but it may not be possible to work that out without examining you vehicle and once again, you need to be prepared to pay for their time, but ask if you can get a free quote including VAT.
Garages will often use a process of elimination to detect faults although most modern vehicles and garages use a diagnostic check and if your car is more up to date rather than an older, if they do not use diagnostics that should set alarm bells ringing – as they may not be up to standard

Fixing Your Car

Any good garage in Glasgow will as you for authority to proceed. If you’re having work done to diagnose a fault, or you’re having a van / car service or even an MOT, ensure that you’re crystal clear with the garage about asking for authority to carry out the repair or work that’s required to pass, when they know what it will take they will be able to give you a price that’s inclusive of VAT, make sure you ask for it when they call to get authority to proceed. The last thing you need is to find out that they have replace your gearbox, claiming it was faulty and just going ahead with the job without getting permission.

Keeping An Eye Out

If you have time, ask to watch. Often garages will let you watch work being done. I you have any suspicions about your garage be bonefide ask to keep any old parts for your inspection as this can prove invaluable should there be any dispute in the work being carried out in the first place. You need to do this at start though as it will be too late once work is completed

Quality Parts

If you only want to use manufacturer or dealer parts (which may be more expensive) tell the Glasgow Mechanic as often garages can and will use generic parts as that keeps their costs down and if they are unscrupulous, a bigger mark up for them. Reconditioned parts should not be used unless you have asked or are in agreement and it’s best to make it clear from the off, if you’re willing to accept reconditioned parts, which you should use unless they carry a warranty, so be sure to ask if the reconditioned parts will carry a warranty.

Car Servicing

When you are going for a van or Car Servicing, find out exactly what is included and what the price is including VAT, after all, a service could at worst only be a visual inspection. If you have a manufacturers service log or schedule , you will know how often and when to have your car serviced. Manufacturers’ service schedules can be checked to make sure if any parts need to be replaced or if it is only a lubricant service that’s required. Often garages will offer a range of servicing options with the more that’s replaced the more it costs – like a sliding scale if you will.

Mystery Add Ons

It is not uncommon for a Glasgow Mechanic or garage to say vans and cars need their brake pads changed, or tracking adjusted when you have other work done. If the garage says this, ask to see your brake pads and if the car pulls to one side or your tyre wear would be indicators to determine if your tracking or wheel alignment is out. If you know when the pads were last changed, you can work out roughly when they are due.

Mantenance Is The Key

By doing things like checking your power steering fluid, brake fluid, water and oil levels this will help as the warning lights only comes on when these are at a dangerous or at risk of reaching a dangerous situation and when the light comes on, it may be too late to stop damage occurring. All of these can lead to more serious issues arising.

Do’s & Dont’s

Check the Glasgow Mechanic and garages contact details and make sure you have the proprietor’s name and se3e if he too is a time served Glasgow Mechanic, check the business name as well as finding out if it is a limited company. Make sure you get an address as well as a land line number, a mobile can be anyone. You can verify online and in your local directories. Perform a quick web search on the business name can reveal other customer warnings as well as good reviews.


Any garage that accept credit or debit card payments (especially for work over £100) will attract protection from the Consumer Credit Act and you will usually be able to find your credit provider, even if the garage has long since disappeared.


A business on various schemes such as the Good Garage Scheme, (of which James Coyle Motor Engineers is a member a member) are individually checked by Trading Standards and must agree to abide by the law and resolve complaints fairly.

What To Do If You’re Not Getting Your Car Back

If you don’t pay the garage, they may have the right to keep your car until paid in full – this is called a ‘lien’ over the goods. If this happens, you can “pay under protest” to get your vehicle back but without losing the right to challenge the bill. Often this is cheaper than storage fees and/or an auction. The garage can actually only sell your vehicle only after giving you notice under the Torts Interference with Goods Act. But check your contract with the garage for terms and exclusions and contact Ctizenz Advice Bureau and Trading Standards for advice.

James Coyle Motor Engineers is a mamber of ther Good Garage Scheme and enjoys a host of regular customers becauase we put everything into our work by ensuring our customers enjoy the highest possible service available, whilst minimising the cost but not compromising on Quality. Our company is run and owned by James Coyle, a firmly established Glasgow mechanic with over 20 years in the trade.

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