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James Coyle Motor Engineers can supply you with batteries for cars and light commercials. We carry a limited stock of batteries in our garage but if we do not have the type of battery you need, we can usually have it here within 24 hours.

As a motorist, we must check our van or car batteries on a regularly, which will help prepare you for your battery failing. Car and van batteries are usually changed every 5 years but this can vary depending on your vehicle and the type of battery it uses. It is always recommended that batteries are replaced according to the manufacturer’s advice. Batteries that start to come to the end of their life (ie dead cells etc) can keep you going for a while but the will need replaced eventually in the not too distant future and you will need to carry a set of jump leads or booster pack to ensure that you can survive your journey, although it is not advised to travel when batteries are in this stage of their life and should be replaced as early as possible.
In Scotland, battery failure is the number one reason why motorists call for breakdown services.

Safety Tips for Handling Batteries

    • You should try not to be handling car batteries where possible because of the risk of injury they carry.
    • Disconnect the battery before inspecting it.
    • Always disconnect the negative cable first and reconnect the positive last.
    • Before moving a battery, carry out a thorough inspection of its condition, using a torch to check all sides of the battery for marks, dents or leaks.
    • Battery acid can burn clothing and skin and even cause blindness if it leaks, so wear protective clothing when inspecting batteries before disconnection or transportation.
    • If the battery has any severe dents or leaks then please be safe and contact us for assistance and get it replaced, do not attempt to move it.
    • During transport, cover the battery terminals so they cannot be shorted out and come into contact with any other surface. Although we do not recomment transpoting a battery yourself.

Batteries should be kept upright at all times.

  • Batteries can be quite heavy, but we are more than happy to provide assistance if you require it.

Purchasing Batteries

James Coyle Motor Engineers are proudly members of the Good Garage Scheme, so you can be assured of the best possible price for our batteries, which would be supplied, fitted and includes disposal of your old battery. Contact us on 0141 763 0222, be emailing info@jcmotorengineers.co.uk or by filling in our online form to arrange your replacement battery today. If you do get stuck however, and need your battery replaced immediately, contact us to find out if we can come and replace your battery at your location, although availability is subject to distance.

Maintenance of Batteries

  • Remove the clamps and clean away grease, dirt and any oxidation. Battery connections that are dirty or oxidised will weaken the charge.
  • If you’re stretching the life of a battery, you may have to add some distilled water to it but it is best to replace it.
  • If your battery is jiggling around, it could tip over. A loose battery bashing against other parts of your engine is not a good thing and you could end up with battery acid spilling and corroding another part of your car.
  • Keep the battery tray clean. Make sure the battery sits in place securely and firmly.

If you don’t use your car for a long time, it will, without doubt affect it’s charge. To maintain batteries to their required level of charge, make sure you regularly drive your vehicle as the alternator charges your battery as you drive.

Avoid leaving things like sat navs’ phone chargers, TV’s etc on if not needed as this will end up with the battery requiring a recharge. If you are constantly recharging your battery it will shorten its life.

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